Time Out says… 4

As is so often the case with a show at Art Labor – one of our favourite galleries in the city – this is a small but very much worthwhile exhibition. Pairing veteran underground rapper and graffiti artist MC Yan (who Time Out Hong Kong once called one of the city’s ‘hidden heroes’ due to his cultural activism) with New York hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, the handful of works revolve, as the name suggests, around kung fu, and in particular Bruce Lee.

Yan mostly makes uses of spray painted dots to form his images, based upon on old film posters of Lee. These are then layered with line drawings of classical Chinese architecture – the ‘walls’ upon which Yan paints his graffiti-like art. The works are further fragmented by his use of a number of small canvas squares to create the overall image. Bored by the idea of one large, flat canvas, Yan says his use of smaller sections is inspired by the sound-proofing in his studio.
Fab 5 Freddy’s works meanwhile, make similar use of Lee’s image but this time with acrylic and the occasional strip of diamonds, perhaps depicting scratches across the kung fu star’s chest.
Together, the works from the hip hop pair (who exchange ideas and images on a regular basis) pack a fun, colourful punch that you don’t need to be a kung fu fan to enjoy.